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- Logo & Corporate -

There’s no matter how big your business, store or personal project is, but it matters how you will present it to the world.


There’s no matter how big your business, store or personal project is, but it matters how you will present it to the world.

One of the most important things is the company style. The Logo is not just an image, Corporate Identity is not just a description of the company logo, but are fundamentals of your business. The Logo is a symbol, text or both that makes your business/service recognizable on the market. The process of making a Logo is complex. There are many things that we have to keep in mind. Like what are the client’s requirements, what is the area of operation, adequate colors, etymology of the name, what it means on different languages (if the company is international), what kind of message the logo sends to the client’s auditory, what is his next move – print or only web – there is big difference.

When your company’s business cards, documents, adv materials or web are with same style, colors, fonts, positions – this is Corporate Identity (CI). Of course, the CI is not less complex than the Logo Design, but is one step closer to complete company presentation to the world.

The Brand Book – the document or web page that contains all the information about your Logo and CI, how the logo can be used, how the business card can look, how far the other elements can be away from yours in collaborate projects (like posters with sponsors section), what typography can be used for your company’s purposes, etc.

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Kiia Design Studio Graphic & Illustration Services

- Graphic & Illustrations -

The mix of techniques and passion, through which we deliver your message to your clients, followers or friends.


Graphic design is that area of art, which represents visual communication. It is kind of communication that helps to develop the business in a non-verbal way, whether in the form of an info-graph, a flyer, a pictogram, a banner or other. The creation of any graphic material requires not only abstract thinking and talent, but high technical training as well.

- Web -

We provide to our clients more than owning website or online shop, we give them the advantage of counting on their online presence.


The Big Web is everything that is online on the World Wide Web, whether it’s a web page, an online store, forum, web banner, a social media page like Facebook, Instagram or Тwitter. Of course, creating such type of project is complex and time consuming, especially on larger platforms. Web projects require a wide range of skills that can offer not only the completed task, but the satisfaction of the efficiency of being used by a company or target group, and if it needed – problem-solving as well. 🙂

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Kiia Design Studio Photoshooting

- Photo shooting & Photo processing -

To wait for the right moment, to see it, to catch it, to feel emotions and freeze them in one shot… this is magic! We can make this magic for you.

- Pagination, Prepress & Print -

Print materials are one of the many ways to deliver your message no matter if it’s with advertising purpose, or it’s a book that you want to publish.


The pre-press is an area of activity that is more a technique than an art, but still very important for your commercial or non-commercial print materials – books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, flayers etc. The pre-press is a set of activities that prepares your material to be printed with high quality and precedes the printing itself. On the other hand, pagination is responsible for pages in your book /magazine or catalog/ to be in the right place, how big can this material be, the “white spaces”, page numbering, title page, contra-title page, bleeds and etc. The print… this job is for printing machines not for us 🙂, but seriously – before printing, we have to do a lot of work that helps the machines to print out a high quality product.

Kiia Design Studio Pre-press & Print Services
Kiia Design Studio 3D Services

- Interior & Exterior -

A stand-alone plan, a 3D project, a corporate style, or all together, does not matter to us. What we take into account are the wishes of the client.